British Cycling E-Racing National Championships

Yesterday was a bit of a mad day.

I had a long cycle planned to finish off my latest block of training and see me into a rest week. The British Cycling E-Racing National Championships Qualifier was being held on Zwift and, despite the beautiful weather which was tempting me out onto the road, I decided this could be an interesting new experience.

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Ironman Copenhagen 2018

Can you ever feel completely comfortable competing in an Ironman? Probably not. Almost definitely not. However, returning to Copenhagen a year after my first long distance triathlon was as close as I can imagine getting. Preparation is key, and I had a cheat sheet from the year before. I knew the registration process, I knew the course (albeit with a few minor tweaks), I knew where the loos were if sh*t got serious, I knew after 5 years competing that you shouldn’t start the run course with your helmet still on your head. I was ready.

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2016 Reflections (Part 4 of 4): All Roads Lead to Kona

One of the inspirations which led me to triathlon was the legendary stories from the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. The ambition for me is, and always has been, to compete in an Ironman and ultimately to join those world-class athletes on the start line in Kona.

My training and the competitions I have competed in up until now have been part of a wonderful journey which have taken me all over the world. I’ve learnt so much from these experiences and developed massively as an athlete. However, none of it has been specifically tailored to get me to Ironman; up until now. Continue reading “2016 Reflections (Part 4 of 4): All Roads Lead to Kona”

2016 Reflections (Part 2 of 4): World Championships


Points for whoever can spot me on the start line

With the Euros done and dusted it was time to refocus on the World Championships which came around a lot sooner and was a lot closer to home than in 2015.

It was held in Aviles, Spain at an impressive venue that seemed built for the occasion; an incredible collection of buildings designed by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. This sport has taken me to a lot of destinations that I otherwise would never have visited and this is one that I am definitely thankful for.

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2016 Reflections (1 of 4): Return to Europe

So it has been a while since I’ve posted. Thankfully that hasn’t been because I have nothing to report on, in fact it has been much the opposite…

Since returning from my training in New Zealand at the end of January 2016 I have steadily worked my way through this year’s race schedule alongside returning to work in order to fund my dreams and ambitions. Now the year is coming to an end I thought I would look back on what has been and let you know what the next chapter holds in store.

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